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About the FMCA

The Federated Music Clubs of Australia - NSW Council Incorporated is the parent body for 16 Music Clubs throughout Sydney’s suburbs and NSW country towns. As such it is non-political and non-sectarian and is a registered charity.

The FMCA and Music Clubs have a history dating back to 1928.

FMCA Contacts

Address: Mr. John Middleton, Hon. Secretary
  PO Box 5515, Chatswood NSW 2057.
  For artists providing concert information for the Music Clubs Newsletter.

Roles of the FMCA

(i)   To promote and support the activities of member clubs.

(ii)  To assist Australia's young classical musicians financially and with performance opportunities through competitions and awards.

(iii) To arrange a classical music concert (Delmer) each year free to the public - presented by outstanding professional musicians.

(iv)  To offer members of the public a tax-deductible opportunity to support and promote classical music through donations to music clubs, individual music students and/or young professional musicians.

Music Clubs

The Music Clubs welcome new members and visitors to their musicales, and more information may be obtained from club web sites or by contacting the club secretaries.

Information regarding club concerts or artist performance opportunities, may be obtained by contacting the club Directors of Music.

Competitions and Awards

To encourage and support young musicians with their studies, and in their enjoyment of music, the NSW Council of the FMCA sponsors many competitions and awards.

People Helped by the P.A.T.I.M. Fund

The following is a list, with comments, from music students and professionals who have been helped significantly through our PATIM Fund.